artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the modern sciences that have emerged with the development of technology and the introduction of computers in all fields,

and it is one of the modern sciences that have spread widely in recent times, so that it has entered many industrial and research fields, especially robots and smart services for governments and companies,

Artificial intelligence is now used in various fields, and it is one of the basic technologies that Fastcoo depends on, and today we will show you a comprehensive guide explaining artificial intelligence and how Fastcoo can help you using this technology to facilitate your business.

How did Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerge?

Here is a brief history of artificial intelligence before beginning to explain its definition, as artificial intelligence officially appeared at Dartmouth College in the United States of America in 1956.

With the emergence of the material problems that the industrial sector was suffering from at that time, it was necessary to exploit modern technologies at that time in the treatment of these material problems.

Hence, artificial intelligence appeared and the robotic robot was produced in its simplified form, but this progress was not sufficient to satisfy the aspirations of investors, which prompted them to reduce the amount of funding allocated to the field of manufacturing robots.

In the mid-eighties of the last century, researchers were able to develop computers capable of making some decisions based on solutions to problems that were previously programmed, but the developers failed to exploit this invention in practical applications.

With the continuous terrible technological progress, computers have emerged that are able to learn and solve problems on their own using artificial intelligence techniques.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is defined as one of the branches of computer science, and it is that behavior and those characteristics, on which different computer programs depend,

And are in line with human mental capabilities in various works, and the most important of these capabilities is the ability of the machine to teach and make correct decisions.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence technology has provided many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Achieving high rates of economic development, human development and social development.
  • Improving and raising the standards of human health care.
  • Shortening a lot of time in the process of human evolution.
  • Mainstreaming the achievements of human evolution to the world.
  • Reducing production cost.
  • Securing highly efficient services and means of transportation at a lower price.

Categorization of Artificial Intelligence

There are many classifications of artificial intelligence, which we can call the family of artificial intelligence, that includes a number of main areas and various applications, and we can classify artificial intelligence into four basic branches:

1- Natural Interface Application

These are the applications of the natural architecture interface, and this branch includes three main areas:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Multi-use sensory Interface.

2- Robotics

They are the applications of intelligent machines, and this branch includes the field of visual perception.

3- Computer Science Applications

This branch is required to provide:

  • The generation computer 8K.
  • Parallel Processing.
  • Symbolic processing.
  • Neural Networks.

4- Cognitive science

This branch is required to learn both:

  • Expert System
  • Knowledge based systems
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Intelligent Agent.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Technology has invaded all aspects of life, and its applications occupy all areas, especially after it has succeeded in solving the most complex problems, and here are the most prominent applications of artificial intelligence:

1. Application of artificial intelligence in logistics

AI is also used extensively in the logistics sector, especially the supply chain, which would improve logistics processes and reduce costs, and AI has a major role in automating routine tasks to improve speed and accuracy related to back office applications, this is what Fastcoo depends on in providing its services

2. Application of artificial intelligence in finance

AI plays a big role in the financial industries, as the financial industries have become dependent on it in implementing automation, using chatbots and algorithms, in addition to machine learning in financial operations.

3. The application of artificial intelligence in data security

Data security is an important issue for any company, especially after the so-called cyber-attacks are common in this digital world, and AI can be used to make your and your company’s data more secure. There are many related technologies that work to identify software errors and cyber-attacks in a best way.

4. Application of artificial intelligence in e-commerce

After the advent of AI, e-commerce has grown enormously, due to its role in helping shoppers discover products related to size, color, or even the recommended brand.

5. The application of artificial intelligence in health

AI has a great role in the field of health, especially in the last ten years, as it has made great success in the field of health, as it has become applied to diagnose patients faster,

While quickly identifying the extent of the disease and reporting the extent of the deterioration of the patients’ condition until medical assistance reaches the patient before entering the hospital.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being used for your business with fastcoo

Fastcoo depends on modern technologies in directing its business and providing its services, especially AI , which can benefit customers in their various work, and Fastcoo is considered one of the strongest companies specialized in logistical work,

And this has an endless number of innovative technological solutions with an expert staff, which qualifies it to be the best company in providing logistics management technology services.

With the Fastcoo system and using modern technologies, on top of which is artificial intelligence, you will not need to communicate with customers to locate their locations,

As the system will send a message to the customer through which the customer will specify his location, date and time to receive a shipment.

The customer will not receive any communication except when the delivery representative arrives at the pre-specified location, and to prove the shipment’s delivery, the customer will electronically sign the delivery agents’ devices.

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