Delivery Management System

All features in one software


Admin Dashboard

We have develop the best technology required for the admin panel so that he can control there entire warehouse to tracking the couriers..
An fully features control panel that enables you to manage your operations team in a professional manner with unlimited options to ensure the quality of work, monitoring and planning.


Customer App

The custom App is the end user Application which let the customer submit a new shipping order to be pickup from the 3PL and delivered to the end user


Client Portal

Fastcoo had add a new page for the tracking the orders for your customers to manage all the tasks on time as the client portal will be show all orders which already received by 3PL companies also the technology can let you know the new status update on-spot using webhook for each 3PL company.


Driver Application

By using Fastcoo driver application your driver can save his time per order as the app will let him know where is the nearest road to deliver the orders.also the driver can delivered the order with proof of delivery such as signature by mobile or by OTP.

Get the best solutions for manage your Last Mile.