Whatever the problems of Last Mile companies, Fastcoo has solved before for many 3PL companies.


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Fastcoo Specialized in logistic technology and create logistics systems according to the company’s structure and requirements.

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Operations Plan

We will provide with several operational plans based to the company’s budget.

Training & Development

We will prepare and train your team and work with them step by step to achieve the required goals.

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We will arrange the operations team with all the tools and training required to be able to handle work pressure and manage the shipments as a maximum capacity, and how to make the right decisions at the right time for each department and with high standard.


Fastcoo team that enables you to choose the right team for your logistic business, based on professional indicators and the high level.

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Policy & SLA

Fastcoo will create a manual user for procedures & SLA that will enable your company to be one of the top shipping companies in the local market.

What do we offer

Operations & Company Tools

Choose the required qualifications

Feasibility study for all departments

Expansion plan

Create CS Team

The Best Logistic Software


The basics of selling and growth calculation

Your own advisor

Policy & Rules

Warehouse Capacity

Warehouses Processing

Operations & Tech Tools

Professional Operations Team


Shipping companies
E-COMMERCE Platforms
Number of customers
Number of shipments
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