To start properly for the infrastructure of your warehouses must be fully prepared.. and more spaces you exploit, the more you can increase your income, and this is the successful equation for any project related to the creation of new warehouses
Providing delivery drivers for your logistics company
  • Delivery drivers trained in Fastcoo systems.
  • The possibility of renting a delivery drivers or paying for each shipment delivered.
  • Receive shipments from your own warehouse.
  • Receive the COD on a daily basis or through the payment devices provided by the company.
  • Orders can be returned on the same day.
  • Request the number of delivery drivers compared to the daily/monthly volume of your business.

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Providing labors trained on Fastcoo systems
  • Basic experience in dealing with warehouses and delivery companies.
  • Trained on Fastcoo systems.
  • Trained to deal with large business volumes.
  • lower cost.
  • Trained by Fastcoo logistics support team.
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E-Commerce Platforms
Monthly orders

If I request delivery drivers, how long does it take?

48 Hours

Is Fastcoo the main service provider?

Fastcoo is just a service provider that provides you with all the services required for logistics companies, where your requirements are taken and transferred to the relevant department to deal with them quickly.

Are the contracts annual or monthly?

According to the client’s request and the size of his business, both options are available.

Can I replace workers and what is the time period?

Yes…the replacement happen within 24-48 hours.

How many drivers can I request?

If the number of delivery drivers required is more than 20, it will take a maximum of 10-15 days to provide it to you  to be properly trained and equipped based on the company’s followed policy.

Low Cost
exploiting time
High productivity
Trained on Fastcoo systems
Urgent savings for logistics companies
Why do I need this service?

Save your time and effort

Don't worry about hiring and training with Fastcoo

Less expensive

The best rate will be offered to Fastcoo customers

Save money

Pay as you go
Request the service now
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