The most important features
Inventory and warehouse management system

Unlimited Warehouses

All warehouses under one Dashboard.

Reliable shipping companies

All reliable shipping companies implemented in Fastcoo.

Unlimited SKU's

You can define all types of your SKU's and their quantities in our systems.

Best shipping value

You can find the lowest shipping rate in the Kingdom with Fastcoo.

The productivity of your employees in Warehouse.

More orders, less employees.

No mistakes in the products

Works on Fastcoo systems? so no more wrong dispatching.
Why Fastcoo Systems

Fastcoo team is not just a TECH team, but rather an operations team with at least 20 years of experience in the local and global logistics market with unlimited technical support.

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Choose the right logistics plan for your business

Fastcoo Partners

  • Monthly shipments: unlimited.
  • Additional shipments: unlimited.
  • Shipping with authorized service providers: Free.
  • Shipping with unauthorized service providers: additional fees.
  • Unlimited: users/drivers.
  • Integration fees: Free.
  •  Support: email – WhatsApp – account manager – customer service.
  • Tech development: free.
  • Systems training: included.
  • On-site training: included.
  • Logistics consulting: included.
  • 24/7 technical support: included.
  • Priority service: unlimited.


  • Monthly orders: 3000 order
  • Additional order: 0.90 SAR
  • Shipping with Fastcoo 3PL: Free
  • Shipping with Unaccredited 3PL: Additional Fees
  • Unlimited: users/drivers.
  • API Fees: Free
  •  Support: Included/WhatsApp, Email, Calls.
  • Account Manager : Included
    Tech development: included / Per plan.
  • Online systems training: included.
  • On-Site training: included.
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Our systems are integrated with e-commerce platforms

e commerce fastcoo

Our systems are integrated with all local and international shipping companies

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