With Fastcoo delivery management system, you will get:

Drivers Applications.

Fully solutions to manage the orders by your drivers, Each driver has his own driver App without any headning fees

Your brand identity

Be more special and distinguish your company Branding identity.

Fastcoo receives unlimited number of orders.

Whatever the number of orders you have, Fastcoo systems cover you....

No return orders without valid reasons.

A control panel that tells you about each shipment and reasons to verify each order.

Global secure servers.

Amazon web service with highest security.

Unlimited Drivers.

Control & Manage any number of Drivers from one dashboard.................

Verify the collection amount

No collection Mistakes while receiving COD from the Drivers, Strong COD Management system

Save your time and effort with Fastcoo

Analysis and reports within one click.

Intgrate with other shipping companies

Integrate with more than 40 local and international shipping co.
Features of delivery management systems
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Operations and warehouse management
  • Our systems are not only delivery systems, but its pure operational systems.
  • Manage employees with ease and know the locations of orders in your warehouses.
  • Know the movements of each shipment step by step.
  • No shipment will be  lost without knowing the reasons and who is responsible.
  • You can manage your warehouses from one Dashboard and apply your policies.
Drivers Application.
  • Managing delivery routes.
  • Manage shipments and deliver on priority.
  • Automated WhatsApp system for every customer.
  • Proof of delivery by signing and taking photos.
  • Productivity reports for each driver..
  • Pick up shipments from senders through the app.

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Billing and collection system
  • Special option for creating new invoices.
  • Determine the amounts for each shipment depending on the customer.
  • Uploading the transferred transfers and saving on the system.
  • There are many options that support the development of your business.
Client Dashboard
  • You can provide your customers special  dashboard to manage their shipments.
  • Technical support and account manager options.
  • Special filters to follow daily shipments with current statuses.
  • Uploading more than 1,000 shipments in less than 10 seconds using Excel.
  • Add shipments and locate your customers from Google Maps.

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Returns and collection management
  • Special system for returns.
  • A special system for collecting COD from the drivers on a daily basis.
  • A special system for managing lost and damage shipments for the drivers.
  • Automatically follow up on the COD and pending COD Amount that have not been collected.
What you will get

Working with Fastcoo will make your life easier to manage your business, as our team has full experience in this field to speedup the growth of your business and can also understand your requirements, if any.

Support 24/7

Developers Team

Huge Technology

API Integration


Reports and analysis

Secure Servers


Growth with Fastcoo

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Our systems are integrated with e-commerce platforms

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Our systems are integrated with all local and international shipping companies

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