Follow top 7 ecommerce secrets to Success in your business

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The volume of ecommerce has developed significantly, and the latest studies indicate that the purchase of goods and services is growing at large rates, as in the Arab countries at a rate of approximately 45% annually, compared to 20% in Europe and 35% in Asia, and a large number of individuals are looking for ecommerce secrets Which will greatly facilitate their work, help maintain their position in the market and expand into new markets, and in this article we will show you top 7 ecommerce secrets to Success in your business.

Top ecommerce secrets

Global e-commerce 246.15% increase in ecommerce sales globally, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021, representing a threefold increase in online profits.

The rising purchasing power of internet users around the world has also opened up huge opportunities for business owners to invest in ecommerce.


Also, the e-commerce sector is expected to grow tenfold, from $20 billion in a year. Here are the most important ecommerce secrets that you can follow and increase the success of your business:

1. Build a pre-launch audience

Building a pre-launch audience is one of the most important ecommerce secrets that will help you increase your sales and presence in the online market.

This will help your potential audience or customers properly understand your products and services, and marketing tools can help you build a pre-launch audience.

2. EXCELLING at customer services

ecommerce secrets

The second most important ecommerce secrets is to provide excellent customer service, as the focus on customers must receive your attention.

So that you have to provide them with the best services that facilitate access to your products as well as after-sales services.

LOGSTIAT can help you provide the best customer service, providing your store with important tools to serve your customers better.

And the following are the most important customer services that LOGSTIAT can provide to you:

  • Manage scheduling and addressing all your shipments in the easiest way.
  • Most of the regions and neighborhoods of Saudi Arabia have been linked to this system.
  • Arabic and English language support
  • Link to text messages and alerts in the event of an update for any reason.
  • Organize customer service work and distribute shipments/calls among customer service staff
  • Calculate the productivity and performance ratio for each employee
  • Scheduling shipments by taking the address from the customer in less than 120 seconds
  • Provide multiple channels for scheduling.

3. Leverage the power of remarketing.

Remarketing is a form of digital marketing in which marketers provide advertisements to users who have visited their website, or a particular web page, and who have taken or not taken a specific action.

Organized Remarketing campaigns can help you target consumers who visit your online store and provide them with relevant ads in real time.

Perhaps remarketing is one of the most important ecommerce secrets, which will help you greatly in:

  • Convincing a potential customer to return to your online store again.
  • Making the customer follow the next step in the purchase process.

4. Product Category and Price Point

One of the important ecommerce secrets is the need to focus on determining the category of the product you offer and what its price is.

Many customers abandon the shopping cart just because the price of the product they want is not clear, and identifying the products you offer will help customers easily find and search for it.

Determining the category and price of your product will help you reduce the likelihood of customers leaving the shopping cart in your online store.

5. Providing logistics solutions that serve your ecommerce

One of the most important and effective ecommerce secrets is to provide logistics solutions that serve your ecommerce.

That will help you manage your business and provide the best customer service, as well as organize storage and Cargo Management.

All of this will enhance your online store, customer confidence in you and their satisfaction with the service provided.

And LOGSTIAT can provide you with all the logistical solutions that Increase ecommerce sales in the best possible way.

6. Give more mobile accessibility

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In 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world is expected to be about 2.87 billion users.

The widespread use of smartphones has influenced the formation of online buying habits, 67% of shoppers are likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site.

One of the most important ecommerce secrets is to design a website that is easily accessible to customers through their mobile phones.

There is a huge amount of people using mobile devices to search for information on products and make purchases through them.

Hence there is a necessity to design a mobile compatible website, as customers buy directly and indirectly using their mobile devices.

And if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re losing a lot of customers, so giving more mobile accessibility is truly the top ecommerce secret.

7. Focus on the customer lifetime value

The last most important ecommerce secret that we present to you today is the need to focus on customer lifetime value.

That means focusing on providing long-term value to the customer and not just a product that serves their temporary desire.

Customer lifetime value is what will make you gain more loyal customers, thus increasing your profits and revenue.

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