How to manage warehouse staff

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The management of warehouse staff is one of the most important challenges faced by warehouse managers in any facility, especially since warehouse staff are one of the main factors that contribute to the success or failure of your business. And thus exposure to huge problems, such as inventory damage or waste, or loss of customer confidence and thus loss of your reputation in the market, and in this article we will show you how to manage warehouse staff effectively, and how WMS can help you in warehouse staff.

Warehouse staff …Who is?

Before talking about ways to manage warehouse staff, we will first need to know who exactly they is.

Warehouse staff is the personnel responsible for carrying out the logistics of receiving, handling, storing and dispatching inventory in accordance with warehouse purchase orders and shipping schedules.

Management of warehouse staff

Warehouse staff is one of the factors of success or failure of your warehouse, therefore you need to manage it effectively to keep your warehouse organized and successful.

If your warehouse staff is inefficient, then the market will negatively affect all your operations, and therefore you will bear a lot of losses.

But if your warehouse staff is effective and organized, it will help you in growing and expanding further in the labor market, and thus reaping more profits and revenues, so there is great importance for managing warehouse staff.

What is the solution to effective management of warehouse staff?


As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it is very important to manage warehouse staff effectively, because this will have its impact on your business.

But the question is “what are the best solutions that help in achieving the best warehouse staff?”

Here are a number of solutions that will help you efficiently in achieving the best management of them easily and effectively:

1. Increasing the presence of the warehouse manager in the workplace and following up on work by himself

A lot of warehouse managers are content with paperwork and work from their own office and do not go to the workplace and check the situation themselves, which is a big mistake.

There is an important saying that says “the more time the warehouse manager spends on the ground, the more productive and efficient the warehouse becomes”.

As their physical presence in warehouses will enable them to monitor and address problems in real time, thus avoiding many problems such as:

  • Loss of customer satisfaction.
  • Incorrect requests.
  • Late delivery.

And other problems that negatively affect your net revenue and thus clearly lose your reputation in the market.

2. Employing the appropriate number of warehouse staff

Many ask what is better, hiring a large number of warehouse staff or a very small number?

In fact, the answer depends on the nature of your business and how much warehouse staff you actually need.

It is always preferable to have a warehouse staff appropriate to the size of your work and your productivity so that there is no interruption of work or negative effects on the productivity of your employees, as well as to avoid the occurrence of thefts.

3. Effectively manage tasks and track work execution

Assigning and managing tasks on a regular basis will help you reduce downtime for your warehouse workforce, which overall positively impacts productivity in your warehouse.

So the warehouse manager must be able to schedule, allocate and monitor the tasks at hand, thus avoiding the chances of losing customer satisfaction due to issues arising from disorganization and control.

4. Effectively manage inventory

Effective inventory management system helps in increasing the employee’s ability to complete the task, as it directly affects the warehouse staff and their ability to complete their tasks.

This confirms the need for warehouse managers to be present in the warehouse on an ongoing basis to solve any problems facing warehouse staff and fix them in order to continue work and not disrupt their tasks.

5. Activate strict control over the warehouse

Failure to activate strict control over the warehouse will lead to an increased risk of theft and loss of resources, and warehouse control also helps in identifying the extent of your employees’ satisfaction, and whether they are exploiting the stock in an opportunistic manner or not.

How a warehouse management system can help you to manage your warehouse staff


Warehouse management systems play a large and effective role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of business in warehouses.

You can take advantage of the warehouse management system to manage your warehouse staff in a more efficient and orderly manner.

These systems help you access warehouse data, orders, released product, and inventory details from the warehouse floor, providing data on performance and delivery.

Warehouse management systems also provide the warehouse manager with the ability to easily and quickly follow up on the warehouse himself, through:

  • WMS provides systematic records of employee interactions.
  • The ability to manage, reorder and distribute tasks to warehouse employees.
  • Ease of immediate monitoring and planning of work.
  • The ability to monitor and track customer requests.

LOGSTIAT offers you one of the best effective warehouse management systems, which can provide you with many important functions and help you manage warehouse staff and inventory itself more effectively.

The following are the most important features that warehouse management systems can offer you through LOGSTIAT:

  • Update the orders on the shelf by one click.
  • Sounding system to let you know the status of the order.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology.
  • Saving inventory report per staff.
  • Scheduling WMS, getting scheduling orders for the current day.
  • Dispatch all orders which are scheduled for the current date.
  • Get an alarm for on hold orders to be returned to the shipper.
  • Inbound Scan WMS, that allows segregating your orders based on the city.
  • Get scheduled orders on spot, that helps you reduce labor costs 60%.
  • Sounding system to let you know the destination of the order.
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