What’s a shipping packing list?

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The packing list is one of the most important documents used in the shipping process. If you request a quotation for your shipment from the shipping agent or your logistic partner, they will ask you to provide them with your list, and this list has special benefits and importance that will help you in your work greatly, and in this The article will provide you with all the details about the packing list and its importance as well as the most important contents included in it.

What is a Packing List?

A packing list is a document that helps make international trade easy and smooth, as it provides complete information about your shipment to the exporter, forwarder or consignee.

This list also includes all the information about your shipment details, how it was packaged, dimension and weight details, destination details, etc.

Essentially, a packing list allows customers and others involved in the transaction to visualize the contents of your shipment; hence it is an important document.

Why Do I Need a Packing List?


The importance of these lists and the reason you need it is that it is the commercial document that details the contents of a package.

And through which transport agencies, government authorities and customers are informed of the contents of a package or shipment.

Through all those details the package is dealt with, the seller creates a packing list and sends it to where the goods are in order to get an accurate count of the goods sent.

Once the goods are noted and packed, the list is sent with them to their destination. Here are a number of points that illustrate the importance of this list:

  • Identification of lost cargo especially for carrier and insurance claims.
  • Allow selective inspection by customs authorities, and many governments require it for large shipments.
  • Providing a map of the shipment so that the buyer can easily unload and store the shipped goods.
  • Clarify the details required to obtain a certificate of origin.
  • Represents evidence of the Material Safety Data Sheet if the goods are deemed hazardous.
  • Represent a guide for the recipient or buyer.

The Packing List: A Vital Freight Document

The packing list is a vital shipping document, because it helps in the process of importing and exporting goods faster and easier, and it informs those responsible for the contents of the package or box, thus helping them to verify its contents.

Freight forwarders, customs officials, and others involved in the supply chain management use the details in the listing, through which items are checked for compliance with rules and regulations.

It is also through this list that customs officials at the port of destination will determine all import fees and taxes, in addition to being a source of vital information required to complete the bill of lading.

Things to look out for on a shipping packing list

There are a number of obscure things to look for in the packing list and check them well, the most important of which are:

  • Packet sender.
  • Shipping destination for the package.
  • The number of items included in the package.

This is in addition to checking the rest of the packing list items, which we will show you in the following paragraphs in some detail.

What information is included on a Packing List template?


There are a number of basic information that you must include in your list templates, and these lists can cause you delays in the customs process.

Here are the most important items to include in your packing lists:

  • Date.
  • The origin and destination of the goods.
  • Total number of Parcel Management in the shipment.
  • Specific details for each package.
  • Weight and volume of each package.
  • Weight of the whole shipment.
  • The commercial invoice number for the shipment.
  • Shipper contact information.
  • Send contact information.
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