Why you should optimize Warehouse Layout

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optimize Warehouse Layout. Planning a well-designed warehouse is one of the most important things that you must consider that will help you in running your warehouse optimally, and it also saves you many procedures, time and costs as well, a well-designed warehouse planning enables you to effectively process orders and simplify your operations in a great way, and in this article we will learn about the benefits of optimizing Warehouse Layout and how to optimize Warehouse Layout.

Optimize Warehouse Layout

Optimize Warehouse Layout means enhancing the various stages that occur during the order execution process, the goal of any company is to obtain the right products for the right customers, in the shortest possible period of time.

And in order to be able to improve your warehouse, you need to improve a number of processes in turn, such as operations receiving, selecting, packing, shipping and storing as well.


The benefits of optimize Warehouse Layout and design 

Improving the warehouse has many benefits that will positively affect the performance of your company as well as your revenues. The following are the most important benefits of improving the warehouse:

  • Optimizing your use of space.
  • Increase warehouse productivity and save money.
  • Achieve your business goals and make your customers happy with orders that arrive on time every time.
  • Improve traffic flow in your warehouse.
  • Reducing inventory losses.
  • Enhance overall efficiency.

Collect information and analyze the data

In order to be able to optimize warehouse layout, you need more and more data, which will help you in planning your warehouse, determining the inventory, as well as the required items with high efficiency, and the most prominent information you will need in this regard are:

  • The receipt.
  • Shipping.
  • Items collection and handling areas.
  • Quality inspection.
  • Reverse storage Forward picking.

Of course, you will also need to verify the inventory you have, and warehouse management systems can also help you optimize warehouse layout.

How a warehouse management system (WMS) helps you optimize Warehouse Layout

optimize Warehouse Layout

The warehouse management system is a software solution that provides visibility to the entire inventory and manages supply chain implementations from the distribution center to the store shelves.

In today’s dynamic multichannel fulfillment economy, connected consumers want to buy anywhere, and return anywhere and this is what WMS can provide.

A warehouse management system can help you facilitate the optimization of your warehouse layout, enabling you to organize and handle all activities and resources in your warehouse.

Optimize Warehouse Layout and picking strategy

Improving the flow of items in your warehouse will help you verify that all items are being picked correctly, thus reducing travel time, enhancing the work environment and making it more efficient.

Here are a number of points that can help you in optimizing warehouse Layout and picking strategy:

  • Choose the path: that is focus heavily on the picking path, because through it will be moved to it when processing orders, which will significantly improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Replenishment Strategy: You must verify that your sourcing strategy is well aligned with the picking strategy, so that you can choose enough inventories to meet all orders.
  • Choose Face UoMs: don’t forget to also separate storage units that will help you make it easy to store and pick up with the appropriate handling equipment.

Implement an ongoing optimization strategy in your warehouse

If you want to ensure that your warehouse runs as efficiently as possible, then you need to implement a continuous improvement strategy in your warehouse, and thus gradually make improvements in the planning of your warehouse, by relying on the data that the warehouse management system will provide you with.

LOGSTIAT can help you provide the best warehouse management system, especially as it has modern technology that automatically distributes shipments with a voice system programmed for each case in your warehouse, and many other distinctive services at competitive prices.

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