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With the tremendous development that is roaming the world, as well as the digital transformation and artificial intelligence that is invading markets and companies, parcel management processes have also become automated. Parcel management systems have appeared, which is one of the systems that manage the parcel delivery process, and the automation process has added many advantages to parcel delivery and management, the most important of which is speed In delivery and efficiency in management, and in this article we will show you everything you need to know about parcel management, what is parcel management system, the most important benefits that you can gain in your company, and how LOGSTIAT helps you provide the best parcel delivery system.

Streamline your inbound parcel and asset management


Parcel management systems can help you simplify the process of managing your packages and deliver them on time,

And they will provide you with point-by-point tracking of package delivery, thus reducing potential errors.

Therefore, through parcel management systems, you can simplify the process of managing incoming and outgoing assets as well,

Which will help you increase your productivity and reduce time and costs as well.

What is parcel management?

It is the way in which you can improve the process of parcel delivery as well as its reception, which if you apply it well you will be able to increase your revenue and reduce time as well as costs significantly.

Recently automation has been integrated with parcel management making the process easier and more accurate.

Parcel Management Benefits

There are many advantages and benefits that parcel management can give you, all of which will eventually benefit your business.

And the following is the most important parcel management:

  • Expand the geographical footprint of your business and thus increase your business revenue.
  • Activate linkage systems that can help you double your revenue and gain the best partnerships.
  • Reducing operating and transportation costs as well as IT costs.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and thus achieving sustainability in your business.
  • Activate and utilize existing ERP systems.
  • Achieving an advanced level of customer service, which will help you maintain existing customers and gain new ones.

Parcel management system

With the massive digital transformation that the entire world is witnessing, Parcel management system has emerged which helps you manage Parcel deliveries more efficiently and effectively.

It is a set of integrated systems that enable you to plan existing enterprise resource resources, link with other companies, and integrate to provide better customer service.

Parcel management system Automate and track parcels delivery while improving the quality of customer service, reliability and efficiency of your parcels department.

Sending 5000, 500 or even 20 parcels a day?

LOGSTIAT systems can help you in Sending 5000, 500 or even 20 parcels a day with ease, through the smart systems it provides to customers.

Also it has a set of the best parcel management systems as well as fast and accurate delivery that can cover the quantity you want to send daily.

LOGSTIAT parcel delivery systems help you save time and money, as they will provide you with customized shipping that covers the quantity you wish to send, and it is one of the ideal systems for online business.

Streamline Your Delivery Operations with Delivery Management System


LOGSTIAT offers you an integrated system for shipping and same-day delivery systems, and through the delivery management system that LOGSTIAT provides you, you can simplify your deliveries.

It will also help you track deliveries, as LOGSTIAT has provided you with all the technology you need to be able to manage your warehouses in the best possible way.

Here are the most important delivery management services that LOGSTIAT provides to you:

  • Manager Control Panel, an integrated control panel that enables you to manage your operations professionally with unlimited options to ensure the quality of work, monitoring and planning.
  • The customer application, which enables your owners to locate the supplier near to them, they can also order goods from the chosen store, and they can cancel their order at the same time with direct tracking of orders.
  • Same day or next day delivery service.
  • The sender dashboard, a special page to add and track special requests for your customers to manage all tasks as the dashboard shows him all the requests that have already been received.
  • Providing the latest updates at the same moment, financial reports, opening tickets for customer service, and many other features and technology.
  • The delivery representative application, which enables them to manage their shipments closest to the nearest with the feature of locating routes on the maps for each shipment.
  • Delivery guide feature, which enables the delivery representative to take the customer’s signature electronically and save it on the LOGSTIAT server
  • Generating financial reports and returns is available for each delivery representative.
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