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The 5 key factors for a successful delivery service

The order Delivery Management Software is one of the most important complementary factors for the success of any project and its position on the throne of idealism and distinction among other similar projects, so these projects, especially restaurants, always strive to market their brand and multiply the profits, by relying on the introduction of a successful and effective order delivery system, so that projects can be able Different from providing a successful delivery service, there are a set of important factors and steps that must be placed at the top of your concerns and the work team, and in this article we will show you the five main factors for a successful delivery service.

What are the delivery services?

Delivery services appeared quite recently, but at that time it was limited to restaurants, where meals were delivered to customers’ homes through a bag that preserves the heat, in order to ensure that they arrive in the best quality.

However, since a while, delivery services began to vary and develop to include all requests and needs, and it is like a process in which your Perfect Order is delivered to your place or as close as possible to you until you receive it.

The goal of delivery services

These services were created to meet a set of goals, the most important of which are:

  • Delivery of meals in the fastest and best quality time.
  • Delivering gifts to wanted people on time.
  • Making it easier for consumers who are in remote areas, or do not have the ability to reach a place, either because of health conditions or because they are busy, or because they do not own a car with the distance.
  • Transferring parcels from one city to another or from one country to another.
  • Receipt of electronic purchases to the owners.

What are the main delivery services?

Delivery services take more than one form, depending on the nature of the items being delivered, and the following are the most prominent delivery services:

1. Goods delivery:

Some goods, such as electrical tools and products of large or medium sizes that may not be accommodated by a regular car, are delivered through delivery service companies. These companies also work on the receipt of electronic purchases, or the delivery of some products that may be available in a place far from the residence Purchaser.

2. Delivery of roses and gifts:

Delivery services help to complete some occasions, where a person is able to participate in a celebration for his family or friends by sending the gift at the right time, which contributes to the happiness of the owner of the occasion.

3. Restaurant delivery service:

This service is one of the most prominent delivery services, whereby a person can in any place and in the event he is busy with business and not free to go to eat, whether it is at home or in a restaurant, to order meals from anywhere and reach him at the appropriate time.

4. Delivery of medical tests:

It may be that going to medical laboratories to request obtaining the results of the tests after they have been conducted is not easy for some patients, so the delivery services help him obtain them as soon as they are issued to complete the treatment procedures.

Key factors for a successful delivery service

Here are the five key factors for a successful delivery service:

1- Owning a number of ordering platforms

It is one of the things that distinguishes your business from the rest of the efforts of competitors is order management, especially since there is still a large percentage of customers looking for faster solutions in getting their orders instead of waiting for long periods, and therefore they resort to the platforms to get their orders.

2- Maintaining the quality of the transferred elements

All aspects of accuracy in packaging, transportation and delivery must be taken into account, and the limits of quality assessment go beyond the effectiveness and idealization of the delivery process at the customer’s site, which requires speed in performance, experience in dealing, and the ability to respond to various reactions.

Where high quality is also represented in fulfilling the promises of delivery according to the specified date, relying on a group of delegates who are able to complete the task with their expertise in roads, quick wit and sound planning that changes according to the changes in the congestion situation.

3- Proper selection of delivery representatives

This requires the careful and successful selection of the staff of the transport and delivery staff to deliver orders to customers, as this requires the availability of a set of special skills and abilities.

Therefore, be sure to choose the representatives who are interested in creating a good reputation on your behalf in the market and in front of your customers, especially those who deal with the first time, and their characteristics vary between patience, diligence, intelligence, quick wit, good manners and the ideal form.

4- Setting a clear policy for dealing with clients

In cases of delivering orders to customers, the matter is different, as the customer does not have this option to reject the product, or replace it directly in a short time, or that his complaint will not have a strong response, but the delivery representative will remain the person responsible for hearing complaints and correcting matters, as he is Which may require more time in re-adjusting things to suit the customer.

5- Monitoring, measuring and continuous evaluation

It is the secret behind the continued success in this system, and its development in line with the needs and requirements of the market, as it relies on two basic stages, which are double monitoring before delivering orders to customers as a first stage, and measuring the results and the quality of the system and the reactions taken to it as a second stage.

API and order delivery systems

The API programs enable you to automatically link the platforms through it, which will facilitate the tracking of shipping rates, moment by moment, on the correctness of the payment.

LOGSITAT can provide you with a customer control panel, which will help you provide your customers with a dashboard to easily manage their shipments, and it also has technical support options and an account manager, and it also includes:

  • Special filters to track daily shipments with their special cases.
  • Upload more than 1000 loads in less than 10 seconds using Excel.
  • Add shipments with locating your customers’ locations from Google Maps.
  • Make pick-up requests and send them on a daily basis by your customers.

LOGSTIAT providing driver APP (ANDROID & IOS) to manage your fleet for pick up the orders and delivery 

Under the constant pressure by customers to obtain delivery services in a shorter time, LOGSTIAT can provide you with a driver application that will help you manage your fleet to receive orders and deliveries, and these applications are compatible with all device systems (ANDROID and IOS).

In addition, such applications will speed up the process of delivering orders, and LOGSTIAT also provides an application for delivery agents, and the following are the most important details about it:

  • Managing delivery routes.
  • Priority management and delivery of shipments.
  • Automatic WhatsApp system for each client.
  • Proof of delivery with signature and taking pictures.
  • Productivity reports for each delivery representative.
  • Pick up shipments from senders through the app.

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What’s The Difference between Courier Services and Standard Delivery?

Courier Services and Standard Delivery are two types of delivery services, but there are some differences between them in terms of how they work and service, in the old days people relied on Standard Delivery to get their packages, and it was the popular system until Courier Services appeared, and in this article we will show you The difference between Courier Services and Standard Delivery.

Courier services

Courier services

What is a courier service? It is one of the delivery services that is provided by some private parties, and sending parcels has become very easy when it comes to sending them through Courier services

Courier services have grown by leaps and bounds in terms of service and quality as well, and therefore there is strong competition between companies that provide the same service.

Also, there are slight differences between this service and Standard delivery in terms of pricing and speed of service as well, but they are not too high to cause inconvenience to customers.

Standard delivery

What about Standard delivery? They are the providers of non-urgent delivery services, and it used to be the only way to send and receive parcels, and it was very slow but there was no suitable alternative

And we note that with time the quality of Standard delivery increases, but it was not noticed due to the extensive use of Courier, services In general, Standard delivery is cheaper It also offers a cash on delivery service compared to the second service.

The key differences between Courier Services and Standard Delivery


There are clear differences between Courier Services and Standard Delivery, as Courier Services is faster and safer.

Although there are a large number of individuals who avoid Courier Services and we will show you the key differences in the following points:

1. Speed

In terms of speed of delivery, we find that Courier Services is the fastest way to send urgent orders, but Standard Delivery is for those non-urgent orders that do not need speed in delivery.

2. Availability

In terms of availability, both services are somewhat available, but courier services are widely available, as a large number of delivery companies have gone to provide this service.

As for Standard delivery, it has become less available compared to the other service, because a large number of these companies went to the other fast method,

Due to the high return from it and there is a noticeable demand for it, especially since the speed of delivery is the feature that customers are looking for.

3. Security

As for the security feature, we find that courier services offer high security advantages compared to standard delivery,

Especially since the first method has a high tracking and monitoring system that may not be available in the standard method. Easy access

4. Cost

As for the cost of goods sold, we find that courier service cost a little more than standard delivery, due to the additional advantages of the first method that are not available in standard delivery.

5. Free up your resources


Courier service help you save a lot of time and effort as it deals with shipping jobs smartly and wisely and by relying on modern technologies,

Which helps your company to focus on its other resources and core competencies, and this feature is not available in standard delivery

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Wow your customers with custom packaging

Custom packaging has become one of the things that some companies rely on to increase their profits and impress their customers. It comes after the stage of production or the completion of the manufacture of a particular product, which is a stage no less important than the previous stage, which is the stage of packaging that will preserve the product and ensure its safety during the storage period and until the product reaches the consumer, and customized packaging has great benefits that make it worth investing in it, and in this article, at LOGSTIAT we’ll show how you can impress your customers with custom packaging.

What is Packaging?


Packaging is one of the processes that guarantee you the safety and quality of products and the ability to market them, as the best way to market is to provide a good product, of high quality, you may not be able to do this without proper packaging and good packaging.

And because any type of product and merchandise needs a very good packaging method, each product needs to provide a different environment during its packaging to prevent damage and maintain its safety until it reaches the user. Here is the importance of packaging.

By packing the product and its packaging, it is possible to know the date of its production, the validity period, the type of product and all the important information about it that both the producer and the consumer need to know.

Custom product packaging

Custom packaging is different from standard packaging, custom packaging is a method of designing custom packaging to put products or goods in, and this type of packaging is intended for your company or your product only.

Custom packaging helps protect the product and help market it further because it is distinct from the standard packaging used by other companies.

Did you know that LOGSTIAT offers inventory management system? Try it now!

The difference between custom packaging and standard packaging

Standard packaging is a standardized form of the packaging in which products are packaged, and it is not suitable for those products that are distinguished or more prone to breakage, for example, but it is more economical and does not require large expenditures on it.

As for custom packaging, as we mentioned in its concept previously, it is a distinctive design for the product you offer, and it is safer for your product if that product is unique or more prone to breakage, and helps you to raise the value of the product you offer and attract the attention of your customers to it, but in return it will need From you an investment in it, that is, some additional expenses.

Is custom packaging worthwhile?


The process of product packaging is very important, because it protects the product first from any potential damage, and also helps make the product special and unique, especially if this type of packaging is custom packaging, and this type provides a unique experience for customers.

All you need to know about order fulfillment 

Custom packaging helps you stand out from your competitors in the market, and even get a more positive response from customers than the standard packaging that most companies rely on.

But custom packaging is not easy, and it requires some costs as well, and here the question that occupies the minds of producers arises, is custom packaging worth investing in, and will it bring satisfactory returns?

Quite simply, yes, but this only applies if you do custom packaging that is appropriate for your product, and here are the benefits you will gain from using custom packaging for your products:

1. Better protect your products

Packaging generally protects products against any damages, but if you are offering products that are unique or more prone to breakage, custom packaging will be more suitable for you than standard packaging methods.

Where custom packaging provides greater scalability to preserve your unique product against damage, you can add extra padding or strengthen the packaging itself and so on.

2. Providing an outstanding customer experience

In general, the better the packaging, the better the customer experience will be, which will make you satisfied with the service you provide to them, and this is the main goal of any company.

In fact, customized packaging makes customers happy and satisfied as well as fascinated, and it will make them feel that the product they received is special in one way or another, unlike traditional packaging.

Learn about warehouse challenges and avoid them now!!

3. Increase your brand value


Perhaps one of the most important things about investing in custom packaging is that if it is used appropriately for your products, it will greatly increase your brand value.

As the customized product packaging makes customers feel a kind of distinction and special, which makes them accept again and again to get the products you offer.

So we can say that customized product packaging increases brand awareness and provides superior customer experience compared to standard packaging.

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Route Optimization the Ultimate Guide

Every organization strives to retain its customers, and route optimization is one of the modern ways to help fulfill customer demands as fully as possible, thus achieving company goals. And directly improves the cost of delivery of customer orders, and even ensures that they are all delivered in a timely manner. , and there are many benefits that can provide for you. In this article, we will present the definition of route optimization and what are its benefits. We will also talk about route optimization programs and the extent to which routes can be optimized and planned manually.

What Is Route Optimization?

It is the process in which the routes are optimized, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process, and reducing the cost as well.

The process of optimizing routes effectively enhances orders and deliveries significantly, as well as finding the best path between different paths and not just the closest path. We provide you Delivery Management Software Which includes many services that serve your shipping process smoothly.

And it is the way by which you can determine which route is more efficient, while using Route Optimization there is a number of factors to consider, such as weather, traffic, etc., which helps in saving time and fuel as well.

Benefits of route optimization


Optimizing your routes is important for any company, which helps you avoid the costs of routing your drivers.

Route optimization helps you save money, time, and effort also by automating processes, here are the most important benefits of route optimization:

1. Reduce fuel costs

significantly reduces fuel costs by helping to select the best route, thus spending less time on the road, and that means less fuel consumption.

2. Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

As mentioned in the previous section, route optimization spends less time on the road, thus reducing vehicle breakdowns or wear of parts, thus significantly lowering vehicle maintenance costs.

3. Improve customer experience

Route optimization systems determine the real-time around where the driver is to estimated delivery times, thus accurately delivering orders on time,

While allowing customers to easily access delivery service agents and drivers, thus enhancing the customer experience.

4. Reduce manual route planning

helps in automating processes, thus spending less time on doing administrative work and other tasks manually,

Through automation will save time and effort and guide the business owner to get new business and other revenue-generating tasks.

5. Rapid response to sudden changes

Sudden changes in the road often occur, such as congested traffic, accidents on the road, sudden weather fluctuations, etc.

But with the use of route optimization, these changes can be faced and quickly responded to.

In these cases, route optimization systems notify drivers in real-time, thus addressing that order and preventing requests from being delayed and delivered on time.

6. Improve driver satisfaction

As route optimization helps in achieving the satisfaction of drivers as well, by guiding them to the best routes.

And thus avoiding overlap between regions for delivery or falling into unexpected traffic and not completing all deliveries and will positively affect customer satisfaction as well.

Route-optimization software


Route optimization software is a modern tool that helps in meeting company goals and customer demands more efficiently and effectively by relying on process automation.

Route optimization software helps optimize customer order delivery costs while ensuring that all customer orders are delivered in a timely manner.

The route optimization software is based on the use of modern technologies based on a balanced approach that can be customized to serve the company and its customers.

There are many types of route optimization software but you should choose the one that offers you a number of advantages, such as:

  • Provide accurate step-by-step directions
  • Determining the amount of fuel used during a certain period of time.
  • Allowing you to draw multiple paths
  • Specify the amount of time it takes to deliver and order management, and what is the distance traveled.
  • Allow your customers to track the status of their orders themselves.

And there are many other features that the route optimization software of your choice must have, to ensure your money is invested in the right software and to ensure a high-quality route planner.

Can Optimize and Plan My Routes Manually?

Yes, you can, and this will only be suitable for small companies, which do not have increased demands and therefore there will be few human errors.

But despite this, you will also have a problem when planning routes manually which is that it is impossible to predict the condition of the road, and what the weather will be like in the next two hours.

Therefore, using route optimization will save a lot of time and burden, and will make sure that the workload is balanced so that no driver is overworked or underworked.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is our modern technology

Previously, Proof of Delivery was just a paper document that customers needed to sign, in order to verify that the customer had actually received their order, and then was invoiced. There is Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), and it positively affected the company and the customer as well. For the company, this helped reduce its operating costs. As for the customer, he had a better experience, which increased customer movement and flexibility and You can follow up on this through the order management. In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), its most important benefits and how it works.

What is an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)?

Before talking about the definition of Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), let us first clarify what is meant by Proof of Delivery, which is a way of confirming the fact that the recipient has received the contents sent by the sender.

This is through a receipt voucher signed by the consignee, confirming that he has received the shipment in good condition. Proof of delivery becomes very important when legal and financial documents are exchanged between two parties.

Sometimes the receipt voucher includes a variety of transaction details, including information about purchase orders, invoices, shipping details, product specifications, and prices.

As for the Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), it is the same as the previous definition, but in electronic and digital form. Instead of circulating a paper document to prove delivery, there is an electronic form of Proof of Delivery

you may know to read about : cash on delivery

Know how electronic proof of delivery works


Electronic Proof of Delivery operates in the form of:

  • Mobile applications, which allow accessing and identifying location data.


  • In the form of a digital dashboard, which can add and review data from your office.

Once you use any of the previous two forms, the program or application used will collect data such as electronic signatures, barcodes and QR codes, as well as time and geographical location,

And then direct that data to the central axis, through which the data is recorded and reviewed, which will help increase the transparency of the entire delivery process. and you can follow these processes through Delivery Management system.

It also allows employees to monitor live operations and track information as it arrives, thus making real-time decisions based on that data.

Data types of electronic proof of delivery 

There are many types of data that can be collected through an ePOD, and the following are the most important:

  • Pictures
  • barcode
  • QR codes

There are a number of ePOD applications that can automatically identify a number of data once the application is opened, and the most important of these data are:

  • Geographical location.
  • Information of the vehicle that delivers the order.
  • Delivery time.
  • Information of the driver who delivers the order.

And after the application collects all this data, it then sends it to your central information center to analyze it for you.

Benefits of electronic proof of delivery


1. Simplify the process

ePOD helps greatly simplify operations, because it removes paperwork from proof of delivery, saving a lot of time and eliminating complications, as well as preserving data from damage and loss.

2. Flexible in customer support

One of the advantages that ePOD can provide is the flexibility of customer service, as this system will help in helping customers to know the delivery dates,

Such as sending a text message to the recipient before the arrival of the goods, it also helps customers track delivery and the location of their orders,

And through customer feedback, the company will be able to coordinate and tailor future transportation to customers.

3. Improve quality service

The ePOD will help make the delivery process faster, simpler and more efficient, thus facilitating data retention for the company, as well as providing an unforgettable customer experience.

4. Improve quality service

One of the most important advantages of using an ePOD is the increased accuracy of Proof of Delivery, which helps to facilitate and make responding to requests faster and easier,

As systems for increasing the accuracy of Proof of Delivery provide many options for collecting data through them.

5. Provide real-time control

Another important benefit of using an ePOD is to keep managers up-to-date with the latest information on the status of deliveries and orders,

Thus providing the ability to respond in a timely manner to any emergency situations ensuring a better customer experience.

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Transportation Management Software: Which is better In-house or Outsource?

Constantly increasing customer expectations, not only for shipments to be delivered on time, but also for delivery within two days or even the same day, Transportation Management Software is one of the best programs that provides faster responses to consumers and more detailed information for companies, Transportation Management Software ensures delivery of Timely shipments and goods, in addition to helping to simplify the shipping process, and facilitate the management and improvement of transportation operations, whether by land, air or sea, and in this article we will talk about Transportation Management Software in some detail, and we will show you which is better, In-house or Outsource?

Transportation Management Software

It is one of the modern tools that uses technology to help companies plan, implement and improve the movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, and to ensure that the shipment process complies with the requirements with the availability of the necessary documents. Fastco offers you this service, a delivery management system.

Transportation Management Software also helps provide visibility into day-to-day transportation operations and information and documentation about companies’ compliance requirements.

In addition, it allows the ability to deliver shipments and goods in a timely manner while simplifying the shipping process, and makes it easier for companies to manage and improve transportation processes significantly and clearly.

Which is better: In-house or Outsource?


Much wondering whichever is better, is the outsourcing of transport management software or relying on In-house software, and in fact, outsourcing fulfillment will be more benefits to users.

Where outsourcing helps more external resources, which helps to simplify jobs and processes, the following are the most prominent reasons for using outsource transportation management software:

1. Outsourcing the software saves the cost

Outsource transportation management software greatly helps you provide more costs, which makes companies prefer to use Outsource transportation management software.

It also helps to submit periodic reports and support from human tasks without errors, helping the company to provide recruitment costs.

2. Outsource software connects transport companies with your trade companies

Transportation Management Software actively helps you link the best transport companies in your business, especially when you use external sources, you are dealing with a group of experienced logistics who have many good relationships with a huge collection of different transport companies that can offer you the best services With transport and low prices.

3. Outsource transportation management software businesses to focus on developing core competencies

Outsource transportation management software is focusing on the development of core competencies by taking into account your hard tasks.

So that you can improve processes and adjust storage and transport services according to customer needs, It will also effectively meet the delivery requirement to provide costs, time and improve logistics activities.

All this will help the company mainly focus on developing the best customer service and creating more value added services to the company itself and also.

4. Outsource transportation management software minimizes risks for businesses


Outsource transportation management software is effectively reducing businesses’ risk. Through which experienced holders are discovering the shutters in existing logistics management, and provide appropriate solutions to improve their operation.

It also helps to make gay processes easier, resulting in an increase in the efficiency of the organization, improve customer loyalty, and generate more revenue.

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Direct Store Delivery and its importance for retailers

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a business term for a way to get the product from the supplier directly to the retail store. And the manufacturer, then it is agreed on the group of products that Direct Store Delivery or (DSD) will be applied to, Also, DSD is an alternative distribution model for distribution center and tends to be widely used in the food industry for fresh products such as milk and bread. And in this article we will learn all the details about Direct Store Delivery or (DSD) and its importance for retailers.

What is Direct Store Delivery (DSD)?

It is a supply chain management in which the product is delivered from the place of manufacture directly to the retailer, and this process is widely used in the food industry, and perishable products.

Direct store delivery is becoming more and more popular; as this type of delivery helps producer companies maintain quality control at every step of creating, storing, shipping and delivering their products.

And that helps companies in reducing inventory loss, which costs companies billions each year.

Advantages of dsd (Direct Store Delivery)


There are a number of advantages offered by using Direct Store Delivery, the most important of which are:

  • Better inventory management, due to the fact that the company representative visits the retailer frequently;
  • Lower costs for labor expenses that include rearranging and marketing products;
  • Low labor cost associated with inventory and warehousing process;
  • Reducing the delivery time and the speed of the product’s transfer to the market, as it is supplied directly to the points of sale.

DSD distribution

When companies follow the policy of dsd, they depend on distributing their products to sales representatives.

The sales department employs a number of delivery workers and distributes them to the areas covered by their products. It also adds a percentage of sales for each representative to stimulate and activate the sales and distribution process.

DSD meaning in retail

As for dsd meaning in retail, it is one of the tools that helps retailers reduce operating costs by avoiding the retailer’s distribution center, so that goods are transported directly from suppliers to the retail store.

This effectively helps reduce time and more costs, thus increasing the retailer’s bottom line, and also gives retailers greater control over their inventory, allowing them to grow their sales easily and quickly.

Direct store delivery software LOGSTIAT


DSD is a process in which a product is created, stored, and delivered to retailers without the use of an external logistics provider or an intermediary shipping company.

Direct store delivery software helps to complete this process easily and quickly with superior accuracy through delivery management system, as it provides warehousing, routing and other logistics services along with a number of additional features that unify operations across the supply chain, which will help companies in:

  • Improve supply chain visibility.
  • Taking greater ownership of deliveries.
  • Develop more effective communication with customers.

LOGSTIAT can offer you the best direct store delivery software along with a number of other technologies and logistics based on artificial intelligence and the latest technology.

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A Guide to Optimizing Inbound and Outbound Logistics

And every company needs to know the differences between inbound and outbound logistics, and although they refer to different meanings, in the world of logistics they refer to the difference between receiving and sending in logistics operations, and any supply chain management strategy needs to work inbound and outbound logistics properly , which will help the company achieve many advantages, the most important of which is providing new products for sale, processing returns, as well as the ability to ship parcels, to customers on time, and in this article we will talk about all the details about inbound and outbound logistics.

What is inbound and outbound logistics?

Inbound and outbound logistics are one of the most common operations in transporting goods through the retail supply chain, and each of them has a similar nature, because in the retail supply chain, the items are transported through the different channels of distribution, and the following are meant for each of them:

Inbound logistics

It includes all incoming logistics, the movement of raw materials as well as finished goods and supplies from a manufacturer or distribution channel to a warehouse or retail store, according to the same business model.

Outbound logistics

It is unlike inbound logistics, where it is related to the movement of final products to the end user or end user, as it starts at the distribution center and then gets delivered to its final destination.

What are the Differences between Inbound and Outbound Logistics?


Of course, both inbound and outbound logistics differ, and the main difference between them is the entity or person who receives the items or products. The following are the most important differences between inbound and outbound logistics:

Inbound logistics receives the items from the supplier to the warehouse, in which resources are managed, sources are identified and warehouses are received.

And the contact points are as follows:

  • Product owner or manufacturer => the retailer or any third party logistics company.

As for outbound logistics, it includes the delivery of the final items to the end user or shipping orders to the end user.

And the contact points are as follows:

  • Retailer or any third party logistics company => End User or Customer

How to optimize your inbound and outbound logistics

There is more than one way in which you can optimize inbound and outbound logistics, and the following are the most effective ways that rely on technology and the latest technologies in the world of logistics:

1. Build strong customer relationships through last mile delivery

Having strong relationships with customers or clients will help you grow your business significantly.

And you can use last mile delivery and enjoy more expansion and business opportunities, and LOGSTIAT technologies can provide you with the best last mile delivery.

in addition to its other distinguished services, this will help you optimize inbound and outbound logistics In addition to strengthening your relationship with your customers:

  • First Mile, LOGSTIAT have a special technology to receive your shipments and within one click.
  • Last Mile, LOGSTIAT is cooperating with all professional shipping companies that will meet the needs of customers.
  • Storage, LOGSTIAT provides you all the space your products need without overcharging and with an economical plan.
  • Orders Processing, If you are suffering from previous companies that waste your stock, ship more than one product in one shipment.
  • Technology, LOGSTIAT is the first company that designed an intelligent system to deal with all the customer issues.
  • RTC, All LOGSTIAT Technology are designed to manage the requirements for our customers and shipping partners.
  • API, LOGSTIAT allow you to API your E-commerce platforms with its system to transfer order information automatically.

2. Tools utilized by both Inbound and Outbound Logistics


There are a number of tools that are used in both Inbound and Outbound Logistics, as well as warehouse management systems that can help you improve that process.

LOGSTIAT delivery technologies and systems can help you achieve many benefits for your organization and the satisfaction of your customers as well

As LOGSTIAT can provide you a great Delivery Management Software that:

  • COD & RTO MANAGEMENT that can collect the cash from the drivers on a daily basis and more…
  • Special system to manage missing & damage orders from the Last Mile drivers.
  • Client Dashboard with Unlimited dashboard for each client and multi technology for Support & Account Manager.
  • Scheduling Technology with More than 4 channels for scheduling the orders.
  • COD & Finance System that you can set the rate for the order per client and upload your bank transfer & save in LOGSTIAT system.
  • Operations & Warehouses Management, 8 filters available to manage all of your team & warehouses.
  • Route optimization with managing & delivering the orders based on the priority and Proof of delivery.

3. Try to reduce your inventory costs

As your business grows and expands, so does your inventory costs, so always try to maintain the right inventory for the level of demand,

Thus keeping your inventory costs going up and this in turn will optimize your inbound and outbound logistics.

4. Consider partnering with a 3PL

Especially being in possession of the technology that keeps you informed of everything that is happening around you,

And LOGSTIAT can help you in many inbound and outbound logistics processes., especially for e-store owners.

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Same day delivery challenges and how to overcome them

Same day delivery With the huge competition between retailers, and the large number of electronic stores that offer almost the same products, retailers are facing more difficult problems, as they need to provide more ideas and advantages that push consumers to buy from them without others, Customers always want to get their products as soon as possible, but the same day delivery process is not easy, but its implementation is difficult as well as many challenges, and in this article we will learn together what is meant by same-day delivery, and what are the most important updates You are facing and how to overcome same-day delivery challenges.

What is same day delivery?

Individuals prefer to deal with electronic stores that are able to provide the same day delivery service, and the purpose of delivery at the same time is to prepare the item or product requested by the customer,

And then prepare and ship it to the customer on the same day of the order directly, and this requires speed and accuracy in selecting the order or the required item.

The demand growing up for same day deliveries


There is a significant and noticeable increase on the same day delivery, because it is one of the ways that will satisfy customers’ desires and make them more satisfied with the service provided,

Which will ensure their continued interaction with the online store, and will also give the online store itself greater sales and thus more profits.

And the following are a number of reasons behind the increasing demand for same day delivery:

  • Customers are cashing in on retailers who are late in delivering orders.
  • Consumers are abandoning shopping carts when fulfillment is not fast enough
  • Same day delivery helps increase conversion, as it reduces clicks on those ads for products that include same day delivery.
  • Customers avoid online stores where product delivery is slow or not fast.

All this makes express delivery or same day delivery one of the most important strategies that every company or online store must follow,

And that in order to increase its sales and be able to compete effectively with others and maintain its market share.

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Same day delivery challenges

Same-day delivery faces a number of challenges. Despite its great benefits and advantages for retailers and e-stores, there are major challenges that make implementing it difficult.

And the following are the most important of those challenges:

  • The long distance for customers and therefore the shipping process takes a very long time.
  • High cost of same day delivery.
  • Difficulty tracking and seeing orders that will be delivered on the same day

How to overcome same day delivery challenges


The speed of delivery is the most preferred feature of the customers that makes them regular customers of the online store.

LOGSTIAT technology solutions can help you implement the same-day delivery feature, as it has a set of modern tools. through delivery management system.

It can also provide you with drivers App which enables it to manage its shipments, the nearest and the nearest, with the feature of locating tracks on the maps for each shipment.

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5 Best Practices for Transportation Optimization

Transportation optimization is an important matter that business owners should pay attention to, especially since transportation costs represent a significant proportion of business costs. Optimizing transportation will help reduce transportation costs, as well as simplify supply chain operations across geographies, and can help transportation management systems effectively in saving time during transportation and speeding up that process, thus reducing delivery delays while accelerating the time allotted for product delivery, and in this article we will show you 5 Best Practices for Transportation Optimization.

Transportation optimization

Before we talk about the best practices for Transportation Optimization, we will first need to know what is meant by Transportation Optimization.

It means analyzing shipments and transportation rates as well as restrictions on loading goods, what is the total freight spending and how you can make your transportation networks more efficient.

Best transportation Management Optimization Practices


In order to make your transportation networks more efficient, and improve transportation, you need to follow transportation management improvement practices.

Which will reduce your transportation costs and make the process of transportation and shipping products faster and less expensive, here are 5 Best Practices for Transportation Optimization:

1. Shipment Pooling

The first best practice that you can follow for Transportation Optimization Management is the Shipment Pooling that you submit.

If you have several shipments for the same destination or geographical area, you can combine them into one shipment.

And all of this will positively affect the reduction of transportation costs, by consolidating all orders in one waybill, as well as clearly saving time and effort.

2. Shipment Aggregation

Shipment Aggregation is meant to attempt to create one shipment but for multiple orders, which will originate from the same shipper for the same destination as well as the same day but each shipment will be released from them separately.

This will be more efficient as it will reduce transportation costs as well as help you get the best prices and overcome supply chain disruptions.

3. Shipment Consolidation

The third transportation improvement management best practice is Shipment Consolidation, which will help you take advantage of multimodal transport.

Shipment Consolidation can also help you take advantage of long distance LTL when shipments have little variation in their delivery schedules.

All this will improve transportation management, thus reducing costs and significantly speeding up the process of shipping and delivering orders.

4. Continuous Moves

One of the best practices of Transportation Improvement Management is Continuous Moves, a solution that will allow you to reduce your mileage.

To be able to use Continuous Moves solutions you need to consolidate individual shipments, which will eventually reduce the pricing of the lanes and thus operate them at a lower rate.

All of this will reduce your transportation costs, which will also make you more profitable, as a result of avoiding empty miles.

5. Cross-Docking Strategies

Sometimes LTL shipping is long range in nature, but one solution to that problem is Cross-Docking Strategies, which will help you increase the distance charged at lower truckload rates, one of the best practices for Transportation Optimization.

Route Optimization

And speaking of Transportation optimization, we will also need to clarify what Route optimization is, especially as it is closely related to Transportation optimization.

Route optimization is intended to determine the most cost-effective route to rely on during the transportation process.

That route must include many factors that increase the efficiency of the delivery or transportation process, such as the number and locations of all required stopping points on the route.

TMS Optimization and the Driver Shortage


Transportation Management System (TMS) is a logistics platform that uses technology to help companies plan, implement and optimize the movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing.

TMS helps you to ensure that the shipment process complies with the requirements with the availability of the necessary documents, and is an intelligent transportation system solution.

Optimizing TMS can help you provide visibility into day-to-day transportation, information and documentation about companies’ compliance requirements, and also processing driver shortages.

This ensures timely delivery of shipments and goods, simplifying the shipping process, and making it easier for companies to manage and improve transportation processes, whether by land, air or sea.

Also, Optimizing transportation helps address a variety of supply chain issues, which will effectively affect your transportation costs.

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