The 5 key factors for a successful delivery service

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The order Delivery Management Software is one of the most important complementary factors for the success of any project and its position on the throne of idealism and distinction among other similar projects, so these projects, especially restaurants, always strive to market their brand and multiply the profits, by relying on the introduction of a successful and effective order delivery system, so that projects can be able Different from providing a successful delivery service, there are a set of important factors and steps that must be placed at the top of your concerns and the work team, and in this article we will show you the five main factors for a successful delivery service.

What are the delivery services?

Delivery services appeared quite recently, but at that time it was limited to restaurants, where meals were delivered to customers’ homes through a bag that preserves the heat, in order to ensure that they arrive in the best quality.

However, since a while, delivery services began to vary and develop to include all requests and needs, and it is like a process in which your Perfect Order is delivered to your place or as close as possible to you until you receive it.

The goal of delivery services

These services were created to meet a set of goals, the most important of which are:

  • Delivery of meals in the fastest and best quality time.
  • Delivering gifts to wanted people on time.
  • Making it easier for consumers who are in remote areas, or do not have the ability to reach a place, either because of health conditions or because they are busy, or because they do not own a car with the distance.
  • Transferring parcels from one city to another or from one country to another.
  • Receipt of electronic purchases to the owners.

What are the main delivery services?

Delivery services take more than one form, depending on the nature of the items being delivered, and the following are the most prominent delivery services:

1. Goods delivery:

Some goods, such as electrical tools and products of large or medium sizes that may not be accommodated by a regular car, are delivered through delivery service companies. These companies also work on the receipt of electronic purchases, or the delivery of some products that may be available in a place far from the residence Purchaser.

2. Delivery of roses and gifts:

Delivery services help to complete some occasions, where a person is able to participate in a celebration for his family or friends by sending the gift at the right time, which contributes to the happiness of the owner of the occasion.

3. Restaurant delivery service:

This service is one of the most prominent delivery services, whereby a person can in any place and in the event he is busy with business and not free to go to eat, whether it is at home or in a restaurant, to order meals from anywhere and reach him at the appropriate time.

4. Delivery of medical tests:

It may be that going to medical laboratories to request obtaining the results of the tests after they have been conducted is not easy for some patients, so the delivery services help him obtain them as soon as they are issued to complete the treatment procedures.

Key factors for a successful delivery service

Here are the five key factors for a successful delivery service:

1- Owning a number of ordering platforms

It is one of the things that distinguishes your business from the rest of the efforts of competitors is order management, especially since there is still a large percentage of customers looking for faster solutions in getting their orders instead of waiting for long periods, and therefore they resort to the platforms to get their orders.

2- Maintaining the quality of the transferred elements

All aspects of accuracy in packaging, transportation and delivery must be taken into account, and the limits of quality assessment go beyond the effectiveness and idealization of the delivery process at the customer’s site, which requires speed in performance, experience in dealing, and the ability to respond to various reactions.

Where high quality is also represented in fulfilling the promises of delivery according to the specified date, relying on a group of delegates who are able to complete the task with their expertise in roads, quick wit and sound planning that changes according to the changes in the congestion situation.

3- Proper selection of delivery representatives

This requires the careful and successful selection of the staff of the transport and delivery staff to deliver orders to customers, as this requires the availability of a set of special skills and abilities.

Therefore, be sure to choose the representatives who are interested in creating a good reputation on your behalf in the market and in front of your customers, especially those who deal with the first time, and their characteristics vary between patience, diligence, intelligence, quick wit, good manners and the ideal form.

4- Setting a clear policy for dealing with clients

In cases of delivering orders to customers, the matter is different, as the customer does not have this option to reject the product, or replace it directly in a short time, or that his complaint will not have a strong response, but the delivery representative will remain the person responsible for hearing complaints and correcting matters, as he is Which may require more time in re-adjusting things to suit the customer.

5- Monitoring, measuring and continuous evaluation

It is the secret behind the continued success in this system, and its development in line with the needs and requirements of the market, as it relies on two basic stages, which are double monitoring before delivering orders to customers as a first stage, and measuring the results and the quality of the system and the reactions taken to it as a second stage.

API and order delivery systems

The API programs enable you to automatically link the platforms through it, which will facilitate the tracking of shipping rates, moment by moment, on the correctness of the payment.

LOGSITAT can provide you with a customer control panel, which will help you provide your customers with a dashboard to easily manage their shipments, and it also has technical support options and an account manager, and it also includes:

  • Special filters to track daily shipments with their special cases.
  • Upload more than 1000 loads in less than 10 seconds using Excel.
  • Add shipments with locating your customers’ locations from Google Maps.
  • Make pick-up requests and send them on a daily basis by your customers.

LOGSTIAT providing driver APP (ANDROID & IOS) to manage your fleet for pick up the orders and delivery 

Under the constant pressure by customers to obtain delivery services in a shorter time, LOGSTIAT can provide you with a driver application that will help you manage your fleet to receive orders and deliveries, and these applications are compatible with all device systems (ANDROID and IOS).

In addition, such applications will speed up the process of delivering orders, and LOGSTIAT also provides an application for delivery agents, and the following are the most important details about it:

  • Managing delivery routes.
  • Priority management and delivery of shipments.
  • Automatic WhatsApp system for each client.
  • Proof of delivery with signature and taking pictures.
  • Productivity reports for each delivery representative.
  • Pick up shipments from senders through the app.
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