How Can Faster Shipping Be Beneficial for Your Business?

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There are many factors that contribute to the success of any project, and faster shipping is considered one of the most prominent factors that help in the success of your project. Especially since customers at the present time prefer to get their orders as quickly as possible, and any delay in obtaining their order can cause them frustration. Therefore, various companies are keen to provide the option of faster or express shipping. and in this article we will show you all the details about faster shipping, and the difference between it and Standard Shipping.

What is Faster Shipping?


When you are running a business especially if it is for e-commerce, one of the things that you absolutely need to get right is delivery.

Especially since customer needs have changed dramatically, most now expect faster shipping.

What is meant by faster shipping is the express delivery process, through which customer orders are shipped within a short time of sending the purchase order directly.

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Importance of Express Shipping

There is great importance to faster shipping services, as it has become one of the important things that contribute to the success of online stores in general.

This is because most customers always want to get their purchased products in the shortest possible time, and at the same time without incurring exorbitant additional expenses.

So companies that offer Express Shipping or faster shipping options can significantly improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to reducing the inventory available to them in storage, thus reducing the expenses associated with maintaining this inventory and thus positively affecting the profit margins achieved.

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Faster Shipping VS Standard Shipping

In the previous paragraphs, we got to know what faster shipping is, as well as its importance. Below, we will talk about what Standard Shipping is.

We also explain to you the difference between it and faster shipping, and in general, Standard Shipping is the traditional shipping method that most stores provide.

In which the process of delivering orders to customers takes from 4 to 7 working days, and some stores can take 10 days to deliver orders to customers.

However, with the great development that has occurred in delivery methods and options, customers have become more preferring express shipping options.

Especially since express shipping, as we have indicated, takes about 24 hours at most to deliver orders to customers after submitting their order in the store.

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Boost Conversion with Faster Shipping


LOGSTIAT can help you to provide the best Faster Shipping services, because it is one of the best companies specialized in providing all logistic solutions.

Which relies on the provision of its services on the latest smart solutions, with the use of LOGSTIAT systems in shipping and delivery, you will not need another system.

It provides you with Faster Shipping options while providing you with a control panel through which you can easily manage shipments.

Through which you can follow shipments and their progress, as well as provide you with options for scheduling shipments.

While providing more than 4 channels for scheduling special shipments for your customers.

In addition to providing a special system for managing lost shipments, as well as collecting money for shipments from delegates on a daily basis.

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