What Is Multi Courier Tracking for International Orders

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Many customers are now in need of multi courier tracking services, which allow them to track their orders easily. Especially since customers are becoming more anxious and stressed about their products, and they want to get their orders as soon as possible. There are many logistic companies that provide multi courier tracking services, but you need to choose a logistics partner very carefully. In this article, we will show you all the details about choosing the right service provider, explaining what multi courier tracking is and its advantages.

What is multi courier tracking?

It is the process by which the movement of parcels shipped by Multi Courier is followed up, to verify its movement and source until it reaches its final destination.

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How To Start Shipping Using A Reliable Courier Partner?

multi courier tracking

Many online stores and merchants need to use courier services, but they find it difficult to choose the right service provider for them.

Especially since they need a service provider that gives them the option of Multi Courier Tracking, and here are some tips you need to choose the right partner:

  • Choose the logistics partner that provides you with the appropriate level of service to meet the needs of your audience, providing you with freight services in the appropriate way for your business and customers.
  • How fast the shipping provider will offer you, as well as the geographic extent they can deliver and whether or not they will offer you Multi Courier Tracking services.
  • Having strong customer service to help you with after-sales operations.
  • The experience of your logistics partner, who is an expert in the field and able to provide Multi Courier Tracking services with regular updates in real time.

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Challenges In Tracking Multiple Orders

There are many drawbacks to multi courier tracking, especially since courier generally depends on many factors, some of which may be subject to errors.

Also, if multi courier tracking challenges are not handled properly, it can cause a lot of havoc especially with international shipments.

Below we will show you the most important challenges that stand in the way of multi courier tracking, which must be dealt with appropriately and strictly:

1. Lack of branding expertise

Some companies fall into a problem, which is that one shipment to the same customer is divided into several transport companies.

Which makes the products that reach the customer, some of them carry your logo, and others have a different logo.

This leaves a bad impression on customers, especially since the brand is important to your business and the customer must receive it in the same way.

2. Inventory distribution

One of the problems with multi courier tracking is having problems distributing the same inventory.

In many cases, the products required by customers may not be available in the warehouse, or the required products are located in somewhat distant warehouses.

Such a problem will make the tracking process very difficult and arduous, and may also contribute to delays in fulfilling customer requests.

3. Poor information flow

The poor flow of information hinders customers from multi courier tracking, because poor information makes them unable to obtain accurate and timely information about their shipments.

4. Weight discrepancies

One of the biggest hurdles for multi courier tracking is the use of different scales in weighing products.

This results in discrepancies in product balances, which may disrupt the shipment and result in delays in delivery and thus difficulty in tracking the shipment.

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Benefits of Unified Tracking


Unified tracking of shipments provides many benefits to its customers, which ultimately contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction.

As well as obtaining accurate information about inventory. Here are the main benefits of unified storage in relation to multi courier tracking:

  • Having stock information from multiple suppliers, which helps you better serve customers and provide them with many product options to choose from.
  • Providing an e-commerce fulfillment tool, which allows merchants to put their own brand on each shipment.
  • Providing computerized weighing mechanisms, thus avoiding the problem of weighing discrepancies that result in many difficulties.
  • Providing accurate inventory details ensures the automation of operations thus optimizing the warehousing and logistics of your company.
  • Prevent human errors by using tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How can LOGSTIAT Help?

LOGSTIAT is one of the best companies specialized in providing logistics services based on the latest smart solutions.

It can help you in multi courier tracking by providing the best shipment tracking options through it.

LOGSTIAT provides you with the ability to communicate with customers directly, and by sending a message to the customer through which the customer will specify his location and the appropriate date and time to receive a shipment.

It also offers customers as many smart logistics solutions as possible for logistics companies to grow faster with unlimited technology.

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