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Custom packaging has become one of the things that some companies rely on to increase their profits and impress their customers. It comes after the stage of production or the completion of the manufacture of a particular product, which is a stage no less important than the previous stage, which is the stage of packaging that will preserve the product and ensure its safety during the storage period and until the product reaches the consumer, and customized packaging has great benefits that make it worth investing in it, and in this article, at LOGSTIAT we’ll show how you can impress your customers with custom packaging.

What is Packaging?


Packaging is one of the processes that guarantee you the safety and quality of products and the ability to market them, as the best way to market is to provide a good product, of high quality, you may not be able to do this without proper packaging and good packaging.

And because any type of product and merchandise needs a very good packaging method, each product needs to provide a different environment during its packaging to prevent damage and maintain its safety until it reaches the user. Here is the importance of packaging.

By packing the product and its packaging, it is possible to know the date of its production, the validity period, the type of product and all the important information about it that both the producer and the consumer need to know.

Custom product packaging

Custom packaging is different from standard packaging, custom packaging is a method of designing custom packaging to put products or goods in, and this type of packaging is intended for your company or your product only.

Custom packaging helps protect the product and help market it further because it is distinct from the standard packaging used by other companies.

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The difference between custom packaging and standard packaging

Standard packaging is a standardized form of the packaging in which products are packaged, and it is not suitable for those products that are distinguished or more prone to breakage, for example, but it is more economical and does not require large expenditures on it.

As for custom packaging, as we mentioned in its concept previously, it is a distinctive design for the product you offer, and it is safer for your product if that product is unique or more prone to breakage, and helps you to raise the value of the product you offer and attract the attention of your customers to it, but in return it will need From you an investment in it, that is, some additional expenses.

Is custom packaging worthwhile?


The process of product packaging is very important, because it protects the product first from any potential damage, and also helps make the product special and unique, especially if this type of packaging is custom packaging, and this type provides a unique experience for customers.

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Custom packaging helps you stand out from your competitors in the market, and even get a more positive response from customers than the standard packaging that most companies rely on.

But custom packaging is not easy, and it requires some costs as well, and here the question that occupies the minds of producers arises, is custom packaging worth investing in, and will it bring satisfactory returns?

Quite simply, yes, but this only applies if you do custom packaging that is appropriate for your product, and here are the benefits you will gain from using custom packaging for your products:

1. Better protect your products

Packaging generally protects products against any damages, but if you are offering products that are unique or more prone to breakage, custom packaging will be more suitable for you than standard packaging methods.

Where custom packaging provides greater scalability to preserve your unique product against damage, you can add extra padding or strengthen the packaging itself and so on.

2. Providing an outstanding customer experience

In general, the better the packaging, the better the customer experience will be, which will make you satisfied with the service you provide to them, and this is the main goal of any company.

In fact, customized packaging makes customers happy and satisfied as well as fascinated, and it will make them feel that the product they received is special in one way or another, unlike traditional packaging.

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3. Increase your brand value


Perhaps one of the most important things about investing in custom packaging is that if it is used appropriately for your products, it will greatly increase your brand value.

As the customized product packaging makes customers feel a kind of distinction and special, which makes them accept again and again to get the products you offer.

So we can say that customized product packaging increases brand awareness and provides superior customer experience compared to standard packaging.

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