Warehouse Challenges and 5 Strategic issues facing Warehouses

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There are many warehouse challenges, and warehouses are of great importance in any facility, so warehouse managers need to be constantly monitoring and tracking warehouses in the facility, and they also have the flexibility and ability to devise quick solutions that enable them to meet the warehouse challenges, and in this The article on LOGSTIAT will show you the warehouse challenges, and how to meet the warehouse challenges

Warehouse challenges

Warehouses exist in constantly changing environments, especially after the huge development in global supply chains,

Which clearly affects warehouses, and in order to keep pace with these developments and meet warehouse challenges, you need to have a number of flexible and scalable strategies.

Warehouse challenges are very common and widespread, especially which entail irregular demand, additional costs, and inaccurate inventory information.

And all those warehouse challenges will need a set of strong methodological solutions, along with managers who are able to achieve the best possible performance under the difficult conditions that warehouses may face.

Strategic issues facing warehousing

warehouse challenges

There are many strategic issues facing storage, and the following are the most prominent of those issues:

  • Cost control
  • Expires control
  • Cleanliness
  • Keeping store equipment and supporting item
  • Provide safe security

Five strategic issues facing warehouses today

With the increase in operations in warehouses and the growing demand, especially in electronic stores, and the digital transformation that we are witnessing today, the problems facing warehouses have increased,

And the following are the most important five strategic issues facing warehouses today:

1. Accuracy of inventory

One of the most important issues that warehouses face at the present time is their inability to accurately determine the stock,

Which leads to a sudden out of stock or a large surplus of stock, thus, expenses will increase significantly,

And this will, in turn, be reflected in the organization’s ability to meet customer demands.

2. Warehouse location and monitoring

Improper location of the warehouse coupled with the inability to monitor warehouse operations would lead to increased costs as well as slowing down operations in the warehouse.

3. optimize Warehouse Layout

Inability to utilize warehouse space is clearly a common problem in warehouses, which entails many problems such as reducing the speed of movement and incurring additional costs.

4. Manual operations

Despite the great development that we are witnessing today, there are some warehouses that still rely on manual processes; there is great importance for these warehouses to switch to the use of automation.

 5. Unnecessary operations

It is one of the strategic issues that plague repositories today, and barcode technology can help you reduce that problem by avoiding the problem of passing documents through multiple hands.

Warehouse management problems


The function of warehouses is one of the most important supporting functions in institutions and companies. As it plans and organizes the storage and maintenance of materials and supplies customers or key departments within the company with their needs in a timely manner.

This ensures that its work continues efficiently and without interruption. Therefore, there is great importance for warehouse management, and despite its importance, it is not easy at the same time. There are a number of challenges facing this process, and the following are the most prominent warehouse challenges management:

1. Inaccurate inventory

Dealing with inventory needs two complementary matters, namely accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, inaccurate inventory entails many problems, such as the problem of the inability to maintain inventory levels correctly, in addition to the problem of the accumulation of obsolete inventory.

This results in inefficient operations and consequently a significant decrease in productivity with a significant increase in expenses, and this means huge losses in revenue.

2. Poor warehouse planning

Poor warehouse planning is one of the common problems that warehouse management suffers from, such as the lack of effective use of space, which results in small storage space despite the presence of unused space properly, and this in turn will directly affect the profits of the facility itself.

3. Excess inventory

Sometimes it happens and there is a large accumulation of goods, which incurs additional costs for the facility, and it is one of the main warehouse challenges management

4. Low traceability and monitoring

The inability of warehouse managers to monitor warehouses and track the flow of inventory inside them will result in the inability to control the goods as well as impede the supply process.

5. Too many unnecessary procedures

Unnecessary and repetitive procedures is one of the common warehouse challenges management suffers from, as sometimes there are a number of unnecessary procedures that entail additional steps that consume more time, effort and money.

6. Having damaged products

One of the common issues that warehouse management suffers from is also the damage of some items or products in warehouses, which entail additional costs for warehouse operations.

7. Human capital problems

Workers may not be sufficiently trained, which delays the supply chain management and even reduces its efficiency and causes more costs.

Warehouse solutions


There are many warehouse solutions, which depend on the use of modern technologies and advanced technology. LOGSTIAT is one of the best companies that can provide you with various logistical solutions, especially warehouse solutions. Here are some of the services that LOGSTIAT can provide to you:

1. Warehouse management

  • Managing locations for shelves and storage.
  • Set and change product locations.
  • Print the list of pick-up, preparation, packaging and then deportation to the shipping companies.
  • Define the powers of each employee.

2. Billing and collection system

  • A special option for making invoices for each customer you have with the transaction.
  • Determining the amount for each update is done through the LOGSTIAT system.
  • And many options support the development of your business.

3. Operations and orders management

  • View all orders received from all channels
  • Create, view, search and edit orders.
  • Returns management.

4. Track orders and shipping

  • Inform the customer about shipping updates directly.
  • View and manage customer information.

5. Inventory control system

  • View stock levels in real time.
  • Add, view and edit inventory.
  • Predict stock levels accurately.
  • Managing purchase orders and receiving incoming stock.
  • Reserve or allocate inventory as necessary.
  • Associated with more than one e-commerce platform.
  • Managing seasonal offers to make offers through LOGSTIAT for each customer.
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