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Optimized Parcel Management solutions with a personalized touch

With the tremendous development that is roaming the world, as well as the digital transformation and artificial intelligence that is invading markets and companies, parcel management processes have also become automated. Parcel management systems have appeared, which is one of the systems that manage the parcel delivery process, and the automation process has added many advantages to parcel delivery and management, the most important of which is speed In delivery and efficiency in management, and in this article we will show you everything you need to know about parcel management, what is parcel management system, the most important benefits that you can gain in your company, and how LOGSTIAT helps you provide the best parcel delivery system.

Streamline your inbound parcel and asset management


Parcel management systems can help you simplify the process of managing your packages and deliver them on time,

And they will provide you with point-by-point tracking of package delivery, thus reducing potential errors.

Therefore, through parcel management systems, you can simplify the process of managing incoming and outgoing assets as well,

Which will help you increase your productivity and reduce time and costs as well.

What is parcel management?

It is the way in which you can improve the process of parcel delivery as well as its reception, which if you apply it well you will be able to increase your revenue and reduce time as well as costs significantly.

Recently automation has been integrated with parcel management making the process easier and more accurate.

Parcel Management Benefits

There are many advantages and benefits that parcel management can give you, all of which will eventually benefit your business.

And the following is the most important parcel management:

  • Expand the geographical footprint of your business and thus increase your business revenue.
  • Activate linkage systems that can help you double your revenue and gain the best partnerships.
  • Reducing operating and transportation costs as well as IT costs.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and thus achieving sustainability in your business.
  • Activate and utilize existing ERP systems.
  • Achieving an advanced level of customer service, which will help you maintain existing customers and gain new ones.

Parcel management system

With the massive digital transformation that the entire world is witnessing, Parcel management system has emerged which helps you manage Parcel deliveries more efficiently and effectively.

It is a set of integrated systems that enable you to plan existing enterprise resource resources, link with other companies, and integrate to provide better customer service.

Parcel management system Automate and track parcels delivery while improving the quality of customer service, reliability and efficiency of your parcels department.

Sending 5000, 500 or even 20 parcels a day?

LOGSTIAT systems can help you in Sending 5000, 500 or even 20 parcels a day with ease, through the smart systems it provides to customers.

Also it has a set of the best parcel management systems as well as fast and accurate delivery that can cover the quantity you want to send daily.

LOGSTIAT parcel delivery systems help you save time and money, as they will provide you with customized shipping that covers the quantity you wish to send, and it is one of the ideal systems for online business.

Streamline Your Delivery Operations with Delivery Management System


LOGSTIAT offers you an integrated system for shipping and same-day delivery systems, and through the delivery management system that LOGSTIAT provides you, you can simplify your deliveries.

It will also help you track deliveries, as LOGSTIAT has provided you with all the technology you need to be able to manage your warehouses in the best possible way.

Here are the most important delivery management services that LOGSTIAT provides to you:

  • Manager Control Panel, an integrated control panel that enables you to manage your operations professionally with unlimited options to ensure the quality of work, monitoring and planning.
  • The customer application, which enables your owners to locate the supplier near to them, they can also order goods from the chosen store, and they can cancel their order at the same time with direct tracking of orders.
  • Same day or next day delivery service.
  • The sender dashboard, a special page to add and track special requests for your customers to manage all tasks as the dashboard shows him all the requests that have already been received.
  • Providing the latest updates at the same moment, financial reports, opening tickets for customer service, and many other features and technology.
  • The delivery representative application, which enables them to manage their shipments closest to the nearest with the feature of locating routes on the maps for each shipment.
  • Delivery guide feature, which enables the delivery representative to take the customer’s signature electronically and save it on the LOGSTIAT server
  • Generating financial reports and returns is available for each delivery representative.

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Do shipping Charges affect your profits? All you need about shipping Charges

Shipping is the actual transportation of the commodity from one point to another, and shipping charges are one of the most important things that customers care about, which may lead them to leave the entire shopping cart if it is high and exaggerated, so you need to put appropriate shipping charges, as if you are a company and import products You also need ways to reduce shipping charges, and in this article we will show you everything you need to know about shipping charges.

What are Shipping Charges? 

Shipping charges are those direct costs associated with moving products or merchandise from one place to another,

And retailers strive to provide products to customers on time and with the lowest possible shipping charges so that the consumer does not abandon the shopping cart.

Shipping charges include many costs, such as packaging costs, shipping costs, import or export fees for international shipping.

How to Determine Shipping Cost?


As for how you can calculate shipping charges, there is more than one method, and there is no one method that fits all.

And the following are the most important ways in which you can determine shipping charges or shipping cost:

1. Calculated Shipping

It is one of the easiest ways to determine the shipping charges or shipping cost, and to determine it you will need to first measure the weight and dimensions of the package,

Then calculate the shipping charges or shipping cost according to these measurements and the customer’s own location.

2. Flat-rate Shipping

In this method, you calculate shipping charges or shipping cost by setting a fixed price for shipping, regardless of the shape and weight of the package itself,

And through this method customers can purchase any product and pay only one shipping fee that you specify in advance.

This is the best way to determine shipping charges or shipping cost for small businesses, but it’s not appropriate for large businesses.

3. Free Shipping

It is one of the ways that retailers use in their online stores, where they provide free shipping services in order to increase their sales.

Customers always tend to buy products with free shipping, and in fact, merchants indirectly add shipping costs to the price of the product itself and in return make shipping free.

Shipping & Processing Charges

Some companies charge fixed shipping & processing charges, others set it according to where the goods will be shipped to and also the size and value of the goods transported.

And if you are going to deal with 3PL external sources to ship your products, those centers will set you shipping & processing charges.

And of course they will reduce those charges to you as much as possible, this is in addition to providing the best services for processing and managing orders and warehouses.

And all of this will eventually pay off and enhance customer satisfaction and thus increase sales and revenues.

What Information Do You Need to Calculate Shipping Costs?

In order to correctly calculate and determine the shipping cost, you need a number of information.

And the following are the most important information you need in order to be able to calculate the shipping charges or shipping cost:

1. Shipping Point of Origin and Destination

Information about Shipping Point of Origin and Destination will help you determine your shipping costs, because the greater the distance a package carries, the higher the shipping costs.

2. The Weight of the Package

Package weight can also affect shipping cost, as the smaller and lighter the package, the lower the shipping charges.

And always check that when you calculate shipping costs according to the weight of the package that you are using the total weight of the package and not the weight of the product itself.

As if you use additional items in the packaging, the weight of the product will increase and therefore the shipping charges or shipping cost will increase.

3. Package Dimensions

The volumetric weight can also affect the calculation of shipping charges or shipping cost, and it can be calculated by the following formula:

  • Dimensional weight = length x width x height

Sometimes the shipping charges or shipping cost is cheaper by using the volumetric weight of some packages.

4. Delivery Times for Shipping

The delivery times of the goods themselves affect the shipping cost, the faster the goods are delivered, the higher the shipping charges. and you can control the delivery time through Delivery Management Software.

And customers are often willing to pay whatever shipping costs are in order to get the products they want sooner.

How can small businesses reduce shipping costs with a 3PL?


Small businesses can reduce their shipping costs through 3PL, i.e. outsourcing that can help you keep your shipping costs to a minimum.

LOGSTIAT is one of the best logistics companies, which also offers a full suite of courier delivery management features suitable for every type of business.

This makes it one of the best shipping and delivery order management software, through which you can simply monitor the operations of employees and delivery agents with the latest modern technology.

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How shippers can use Container Loading Software to reduce shipping costs

The use of container loading software has recently gained a lot of importance, especially now that we are in the era of massive technological developments. This has made digital transformation a necessity across the logistics industry. The wide variety of goods and the destinations they are transported to and from make the supply chain management process somewhat complicated, and this is where the importance of using container loading software that will organize the entire process. In this article, we will show you all the details you need to know about container loading software.

What is container loading software?

Before we talk about the importance and role of container loading software, we first need to know what it is.

Container loading software is a package that specializes in consolidating cargo management to use the power of trucks and other means of transportation in the most efficient way.

The container loading software aims to reduce multimodal transport costs by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

This prevents goods from being damaged and also saves a lot of time for loading and unloading those goods. And all of this will eventually pay off and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why use container loading software?

container loading software

There are many advantages to using container loading software, the most important of which is helping to customize the setup for loads of different dimensions more time-saving than other traditional methods.

This greatly reduces transportation costs, and here are the main benefits of container loading software that make you use these programs in your business to reap more benefits:

  • Indicate the position of loads of different sizes within the cargo space.
  • Assist in checking important information such as container dimensions (internal and external).
  • Assist in checking the carrier and determining if there are any anomalies in the transportation.
  • Minimize potential risks when loading actual containers.
  • Possibility to manually locate loads, rotate shipments or eject them from the load space.
  • Possibility to determine the optimal position of the different containers.
  • Provide information needed to settle containers.
  • Handling of containers in a manner that maximizes container loading capacity.
  • Simulate what a loaded container will look like before the goods arrive.
  • Clarify the free space in the container and how the goods are placed in it in a way that ensures its protection.
  • Minimize human error.
  • Giving greater flexibility when changing the idea of ​​placement of goods.

Load Planning Software for LCL, Consolidated, and FCL Shipments

Load Planning Software helps optimize the shipping process and reduce expenses while simplifying operations further.

It also contributes effectively to increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, and Load Planning Software solves many problems, the most important of which is the problem of empty space and how to use it in the best possible way.

Load Planning Software is meant to arrange the shipping process for the purpose of utilizing the full capacity of the used means of transport.

Container loading software or Load Planning Software can be used to organize shipments through LCL Shipping, Consolidated, and FCL.

FCL/FTL shipment

For FCL/FTL shipment, full container loads (FCL) or full truckloads (FTL) are somewhat cheaper than partial loads, and also easier to handle.

The reason for this is that partial loads involve fewer intermediaries. But in general, if the distribution of the loads in them is not regulated, the containers will inevitably collapse.

LCL/LTL shipments

When combined with Less-than-truckload (LTL) and less-than-containerload (LCL) shipments this significantly reduces transportation costs.

So different carriers arrange the load appropriately keeping in mind the restrictions so that the whole container does not collapse.

Different types of trailers/containers

container loading software

Container loading software or loading planning software needs to be able to effectively solve all the tasks of how to pack items into different boxes including trailer/container.

Container loading software or loading planning software should have options for side, top, and front loading.

Here are the main different types of trailers/containers:

  • Open top containers,
  • General purpose (dry) containers,
  • Return containers.
  • Flat rack containers,
  • High cube containers,

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What Is Multi Courier Tracking for International Orders

Many customers are now in need of multi courier tracking services, which allow them to track their orders easily. Especially since customers are becoming more anxious and stressed about their products, and they want to get their orders as soon as possible. There are many logistic companies that provide multi courier tracking services, but you need to choose a logistics partner very carefully. In this article, we will show you all the details about choosing the right service provider, explaining what multi courier tracking is and its advantages.

What is multi courier tracking?

It is the process by which the movement of parcels shipped by Multi Courier is followed up, to verify its movement and source until it reaches its final destination.

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How To Start Shipping Using A Reliable Courier Partner?

multi courier tracking

Many online stores and merchants need to use courier services, but they find it difficult to choose the right service provider for them.

Especially since they need a service provider that gives them the option of Multi Courier Tracking, and here are some tips you need to choose the right partner:

  • Choose the logistics partner that provides you with the appropriate level of service to meet the needs of your audience, providing you with freight services in the appropriate way for your business and customers.
  • How fast the shipping provider will offer you, as well as the geographic extent they can deliver and whether or not they will offer you Multi Courier Tracking services.
  • Having strong customer service to help you with after-sales operations.
  • The experience of your logistics partner, who is an expert in the field and able to provide Multi Courier Tracking services with regular updates in real time.

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Challenges In Tracking Multiple Orders

There are many drawbacks to multi courier tracking, especially since courier generally depends on many factors, some of which may be subject to errors.

Also, if multi courier tracking challenges are not handled properly, it can cause a lot of havoc especially with international shipments.

Below we will show you the most important challenges that stand in the way of multi courier tracking, which must be dealt with appropriately and strictly:

1. Lack of branding expertise

Some companies fall into a problem, which is that one shipment to the same customer is divided into several transport companies.

Which makes the products that reach the customer, some of them carry your logo, and others have a different logo.

This leaves a bad impression on customers, especially since the brand is important to your business and the customer must receive it in the same way.

2. Inventory distribution

One of the problems with multi courier tracking is having problems distributing the same inventory.

In many cases, the products required by customers may not be available in the warehouse, or the required products are located in somewhat distant warehouses.

Such a problem will make the tracking process very difficult and arduous, and may also contribute to delays in fulfilling customer requests.

3. Poor information flow

The poor flow of information hinders customers from multi courier tracking, because poor information makes them unable to obtain accurate and timely information about their shipments.

4. Weight discrepancies

One of the biggest hurdles for multi courier tracking is the use of different scales in weighing products.

This results in discrepancies in product balances, which may disrupt the shipment and result in delays in delivery and thus difficulty in tracking the shipment.

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Benefits of Unified Tracking


Unified tracking of shipments provides many benefits to its customers, which ultimately contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction.

As well as obtaining accurate information about inventory. Here are the main benefits of unified storage in relation to multi courier tracking:

  • Having stock information from multiple suppliers, which helps you better serve customers and provide them with many product options to choose from.
  • Providing an e-commerce fulfillment tool, which allows merchants to put their own brand on each shipment.
  • Providing computerized weighing mechanisms, thus avoiding the problem of weighing discrepancies that result in many difficulties.
  • Providing accurate inventory details ensures the automation of operations thus optimizing the warehousing and logistics of your company.
  • Prevent human errors by using tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How can LOGSTIAT Help?

LOGSTIAT is one of the best companies specialized in providing logistics services based on the latest smart solutions.

It can help you in multi courier tracking by providing the best shipment tracking options through it.

LOGSTIAT provides you with the ability to communicate with customers directly, and by sending a message to the customer through which the customer will specify his location and the appropriate date and time to receive a shipment.

It also offers customers as many smart logistics solutions as possible for logistics companies to grow faster with unlimited technology.

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How Can Faster Shipping Be Beneficial for Your Business?

There are many factors that contribute to the success of any project, and faster shipping is considered one of the most prominent factors that help in the success of your project. Especially since customers at the present time prefer to get their orders as quickly as possible, and any delay in obtaining their order can cause them frustration. Therefore, various companies are keen to provide the option of faster or express shipping. and in this article we will show you all the details about faster shipping, and the difference between it and Standard Shipping.

What is Faster Shipping?


When you are running a business especially if it is for e-commerce, one of the things that you absolutely need to get right is delivery.

Especially since customer needs have changed dramatically, most now expect faster shipping.

What is meant by faster shipping is the express delivery process, through which customer orders are shipped within a short time of sending the purchase order directly.

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Importance of Express Shipping

There is great importance to faster shipping services, as it has become one of the important things that contribute to the success of online stores in general.

This is because most customers always want to get their purchased products in the shortest possible time, and at the same time without incurring exorbitant additional expenses.

So companies that offer Express Shipping or faster shipping options can significantly improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to reducing the inventory available to them in storage, thus reducing the expenses associated with maintaining this inventory and thus positively affecting the profit margins achieved.

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Faster Shipping VS Standard Shipping

In the previous paragraphs, we got to know what faster shipping is, as well as its importance. Below, we will talk about what Standard Shipping is.

We also explain to you the difference between it and faster shipping, and in general, Standard Shipping is the traditional shipping method that most stores provide.

In which the process of delivering orders to customers takes from 4 to 7 working days, and some stores can take 10 days to deliver orders to customers.

However, with the great development that has occurred in delivery methods and options, customers have become more preferring express shipping options.

Especially since express shipping, as we have indicated, takes about 24 hours at most to deliver orders to customers after submitting their order in the store.

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Boost Conversion with Faster Shipping


LOGSTIAT can help you to provide the best Faster Shipping services, because it is one of the best companies specialized in providing all logistic solutions.

Which relies on the provision of its services on the latest smart solutions, with the use of LOGSTIAT systems in shipping and delivery, you will not need another system.

It provides you with Faster Shipping options while providing you with a control panel through which you can easily manage shipments.

Through which you can follow shipments and their progress, as well as provide you with options for scheduling shipments.

While providing more than 4 channels for scheduling special shipments for your customers.

In addition to providing a special system for managing lost shipments, as well as collecting money for shipments from delegates on a daily basis.

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