Same day delivery challenges and how to overcome them

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Same day delivery With the huge competition between retailers, and the large number of electronic stores that offer almost the same products, retailers are facing more difficult problems, as they need to provide more ideas and advantages that push consumers to buy from them without others, Customers always want to get their products as soon as possible, but the same day delivery process is not easy, but its implementation is difficult as well as many challenges, and in this article we will learn together what is meant by same-day delivery, and what are the most important updates You are facing and how to overcome same-day delivery challenges.

What is same day delivery?

Individuals prefer to deal with electronic stores that are able to provide the same day delivery service, and the purpose of delivery at the same time is to prepare the item or product requested by the customer,

And then prepare and ship it to the customer on the same day of the order directly, and this requires speed and accuracy in selecting the order or the required item.

The demand growing up for same day deliveries


There is a significant and noticeable increase on the same day delivery, because it is one of the ways that will satisfy customers’ desires and make them more satisfied with the service provided,

Which will ensure their continued interaction with the online store, and will also give the online store itself greater sales and thus more profits.

And the following are a number of reasons behind the increasing demand for same day delivery:

  • Customers are cashing in on retailers who are late in delivering orders.
  • Consumers are abandoning shopping carts when fulfillment is not fast enough
  • Same day delivery helps increase conversion, as it reduces clicks on those ads for products that include same day delivery.
  • Customers avoid online stores where product delivery is slow or not fast.

All this makes express delivery or same day delivery one of the most important strategies that every company or online store must follow,

And that in order to increase its sales and be able to compete effectively with others and maintain its market share.

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Same day delivery challenges

Same-day delivery faces a number of challenges. Despite its great benefits and advantages for retailers and e-stores, there are major challenges that make implementing it difficult.

And the following are the most important of those challenges:

  • The long distance for customers and therefore the shipping process takes a very long time.
  • High cost of same day delivery.
  • Difficulty tracking and seeing orders that will be delivered on the same day

How to overcome same day delivery challenges


The speed of delivery is the most preferred feature of the customers that makes them regular customers of the online store.

LOGSTIAT technology solutions can help you implement the same-day delivery feature, as it has a set of modern tools. through delivery management system.

It can also provide you with drivers App which enables it to manage its shipments, the nearest and the nearest, with the feature of locating tracks on the maps for each shipment.

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